Why vaping canabis

Why vaping canabis

Vaping benefits

The most obvious reason to consider vaping over smoking is for your health, but there are other additional benefits. Vaping marijuana allows you to taste more distinctions between strains, and it gives you control over temperature and is generally more convenient and discreet.

More pronounced flavor: Vaping typically produces more pronounced flavor than smoking. You taste the individual terpenes and cannabinoid profiles of each strain more distinctly, whereas smoking obliterates the taste and subtle nuances between strains. But, keep in mind that the flavor will significantly diminish towards the end of the sessions.

Control over temperature: Most weed vaporizers have adjustable heat settings that give you control over the temperature throughout your session. It takes a bit of trial and error to find the best temperature for vaping weed, but it can produce a range of effects from mellow and uplifting to a more intense euphoric experience.

Efficiency: Vaporizing weed allows you to extract the cannabinoids from your dry herb slowly and effectively. You can often get multiple sessions from a single pack. Already vaped bud, or ABV, can also be used to create edibles and tea, or even as an emergency smoke or vape. On the other hand, when you combust weed, it turns to ash and is no longer valuable or even a thing.

It’s safer than smoking: Vaping is better for your health according to the current research and doesn’t require an open flame. If you are health conscious and love dry herb, making the switch to vaping is a no-brainer. No lighter or matches required: Vaporizers don’t require an external heat source, so you’ll never have an incident where you’re stranded with weed and no lighter. Discreet: One of the most appealing aspects of vaping marijuana is that it doesn’t produce as much of an odor, especially at lower temps. In addition, vaping smells a lot less than smoke, so it’s a smart option if you’re trying to fly high under the radar. Smoking weed, or smoking anything for that matter, produces tar and other harmful by-products. Whether it’s through a bubbler, joint, pipe, or ten-foot bong, it still relies on combustion—though, you can vape with bongs and the like.

While there haven’t been a lot of studies conducted on the effects of vaporizing cannabis specifically, vaping nicotine is generally recognized to be at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes by top UK scientists. It’s not a huge leap to make this assumption with pot. That’s why vaporization is the most recommended way of administering medicinal cannabis.

There are still some legitimate concerns about various devices on the market, namely the very cheap ones made in China. We strongly urge you to only stick with trusted devices from reputable brands, no matter the country it was manufactured in.

The better vaporizers are designed so the vapor only passes through materials like ceramic, stainless steel, and quartz—no plastics, rubber, glue, or soldering near the heating elements.

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