CB9 – Side effects


The newly created chemical solution CB9 diluted from the well-known CBD is a great novelty, freshly circulating the “Green” circles. And just as with any other cannabinoid option there are the positive sides to CB9 and on the other side are maybe not negative but perhaps unwanted sides to the otherwise amazing CB9.

Now since CB9 is a chemically procured substance its usual way of use would be through vaping, by using a CB9 Weedorizers vape, or if someone likes his CB9 a bit more consistent and sweet it can be ingested by taking a CB9 edible.

In both cases the user will feel the intended effect, however the intensity may vary. Moreover, most unwanted side effects do occur in both cases. The side effect that is an exception, since it may come around only while vaping, is possible coughing and throat burn. What this means is that, when a person smokes, the heated vaporized chemical may irritate their throat, and that invokes coughing. However because the CB9 does not tend to crystalize that means the vapes containing CB9, do not burn the user's throat while inhaling.

The next side effect that is consistent with CB9 usage is the possibility of red eyes similar to THC or HHC use. The same goes for possible dizziness or lightheadedness the user is not appropriately hydrated before vaping CB9, or perhaps is using this product for the first time, thus they are not familiar with its effects and are surprised or caught off guard. With the continued use, such side effects are barely noticeable or are completely gone.

Another well-known side effect of smoking CB9 or other cannabinoids is the so-called “Munchies”, otherwise known as food cravings, that most of the people who have tried THC, HHC, CBD, CB9, and others have felt themselves. But don’t worry usually there are no objections over this particular side effect, since most people like to eat, and let me tell you that eating while having munchies is a unique experience, where everything and anything can taste like it’s been prepared by a famous food chef.

And lastly, there might be some fatigue or feelings of sedation after vaping CB9. However, most users do take this effect, as simply that, an effect that is usually wanted, since the main reason most people use CB9 is to relax and let go after a tiring day, or even to let off some steam during a stressful hour. So as said this may not be a side effect but more of a targeted effect.