What is CB9?

What is CB9?


Looking for a bit of relaxation or perhaps you simply want to have a bit of fun, but the rules in your country have changed, and now not only is THC prohibited but so is the amazing HHC. Not to worry we got you.

CB9 is a new distillate from the well-known and commonly used cannabinoids, that is currently the next best thing in the world of legal cannabis products.

CB9 is a molecule that originates from CBD; also known as Cannabidiol, it’s a freshly discovered cannabinoid. Just like CBD, it possesses a natural 5-carbon tail, meaning that their chemical formulas are very much alike, it also resembles H4CBD. However, the chemical difference in its structure makes all the difference in relation to it being psychoactive in nature, meaning that while CBD is legal it does not give that sought-after head-high feeling while using it, however, the CB9 with that major chemical difference in the tail is psychoactive and thus gives its user exactly what he or she wants.

This important chemical difference is the one that makes CB9 so much better than all the other cannabinoids, because the difference makes the standard HPLC testing methods ineffective, due to it not being detected on the tests. And this makes it a great cannabinoid to explore.

Now due to the methods for its manufacturing, it is by far the most valuable cannabinoid next to THC, which we all know is valuable due to the fact that it is illegal to possess, and thus the risk makes it valuable. However, CB9 is a distillate and thus the production is a bit pricier. Moreover, it is the future of the Cannabis world, due to governments all over Europe banning HHC, HHCP, THC, THCP, and other psychoactive cannabinoids, meaning we had to move from those chemical structures and have brought you CB9, which does not stem from the illegal THC but rather from the legal CBD while remaining psychoactive.

The mentioned CB9 psychoactive properties are not entirely explored, leaving a great territory ready to delve into it and experiment with different molecules. It has similar effects as those of Delta-8 THC and HHC and yet it has a big plus on its side, which is the fact that it can be used in a vaporizer without burning down your throat while inhaling.