What is CBN

What is CBN
Effects of CBN
If HHC and THC have become illegal in your country or if the legalities are changing let me
introduce to you CBN.
CBN can be understood as a weaker version of THC. CBN is actually a by-product of THC in a
plant, which has aged, the THC components break down, which leads to the formation of a
less potent but still psychoactive cannabinoid called Cannabinol ( CBN/CBNA). Unlike CBD
which is not psychoactive CBN is psychoactive and both are mostly legal over the European
Due to CBN being a fairly recent finding, it has not been studied or used as widely as CBD,
THC, or HHC however, there are many useful and important properties in this specific
Similarly to THC, CBN is talked about as a cure-all for a variety of medical conditions and
pain symptoms, while still being able to be used as a recreational substance for personal
use. CBN is merely a weaker version of THC and can, therefore be used as a sleeping aid.
CBN usage has shown its sedative and calming effects that could relieve conditions such as
insomnia, or even falling asleep faster.
Another interesting property of CBN is the pain relief for its users. Health facilities have
conducted a bit of research due to the molecule being new and mysterious and above all
having unknown effects on the body. The researchers have studied its effects on rats and
mice with chronic pain and acute pain separately, and the results have been very optimistic
and positive. The observation and their tests showed there was a significant decrease in
chronic pain and an almost complete reduction in acute pain however, the effects usually
dissipated after the cannabinoid wasn’t in effect anymore.
Scientists conducted another study where they researched the effect this specific
cannabinoid had on our neuro system. The discovery was astonishing. The tests showed the
neuroprotective properties of CBN, meaning that usage of CBN could help delay the onset of
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). ALS is a nervous system disease that affects nerve cells
in the brain and spinal cord in a way that the body loses muscle control. The effects of CBN
slowing down the onset of ALS were seen after administering small amounts of CBN for a
period of 12 weeks.
There are of course other properties that have been showing along the use of CBN such as
stimulation of bone growth, anti-convulsive effects, and anti-anxiety effects. However, due
to the molecule being fairly new to science, these effects are yet to be put under a

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