How to unclog HHC vape?

If you find yourself in a situation where you can`t get airflow thru vape it usually goes for a clog. That occurs because of thick oils in HHC vapes and is most common in vapes that have +90% HHC. 

You can resolve those problems:

1. By heating vape. With that, you make the liquid more viscous and it will un-clog easier. 

2. You can blow in it from another side. With that, you can create more pressure and unclog the vape.

If you are annoyed by that then we recommend you try user user-friendly version of Penjamin for example WEEDORIZERS 0,8 that does not clog because of more viscous liqid.

Another option is to find vapes that have pre-heat functions, that heat the vape for you and un-clogs it. 

You can also search for vapes with dual airflow that are incapable of getting clogged.