CB9 – customer review


Greetings from your loyal first-hand source of information, regarding all the fresh and new
Weedorizers products, be it a vape, an edible, a new liquid, a new flavor, or some other insane

Today I wanted to talk about the new, the amazing, the unforbidden CB9. Now let’s start with
a little comparison to the other well-known and already tested cannabinoids such as HHC,
CBD, HHC-O, and THC.
First things first, let’s talk about legalities. So obviously we already know that our beloved
THC is the top class of illegal, and other than CBD, all the others have followed suit,
therefore none of them are a great choice if you want to sit back and relax in public, due to
the overwhelming fear of getting caught by police.
CB9 takes the win over all of them in this case due to it not being banned and because its
origin stems from CBD, it is a distillate of CBD. Meaning it is very promising in the legal
For me, this opportunity to sit back and enjoy my relaxing CB9 vape is a very important
aspect since I hate being stressed out by the very joy that brings me the much-needed cool off
from everyday work-related stress.

Next on my list of important properties for this new product are the effects of CB9. Now on
its own, CB9 represents an opportunity for people to let loose, to enjoy even the busiest day
while taking that little edge off and being able to breathe a little deeper and calmer, through
the racket of the day. But if we compare CB9 to HHC, I would choose CB9, and let me tell
you why. Let’s ignore the fact that HHC is illegal and just look at the effects. The thing that
made me fall in love with CB9 is the fact that the psychoactive effects kick in differently.
With HHC you get an instant surge of those effects, feeling a bit of lightness in the head and a
very slowed thinking process, the time stops for you and you can certainly enjoy the moment,
however, it’s not buildable. Once you smoke the HHC vape you’re high and you stay that
way for quite a while.
Now don’t get me wrong that is amazing, but for someone like me who has a bit of anxiety
and high levels of everyday stress in life, I would find such a product quite problematic to use
during the day. However, with CB9 I get that perfect balance, where I can either smoke it
during the day in normal doses to relieve the tension of being on high alert during school or
work, or I can use it to truly let go and chillax in the evening after such a tiresome day.
I am a package-obsessed smoker, so the fact that these CB9 vapes come in such amazing
ombre blue to ivy green packaging with a matt finish is a huge plus on my side. Moreover,
the CB9 vapes alone have a completely different design from the HHC vapes, but you’ll find
that out while testing out your very own CB9 vape.
Due to a unique quality which is the non-crystalization of CB9, these vapes do not clog up on
you, which was the main minus with the HHC vapes. Moreover, this easy and uninterruptable
use of your CB9 vape makes your experience truly enjoyable and stress free.