How to make edibles?

How to make edibles?
Quick and easy recipe for brownie edibles using Cannabinoids:
Cannabis never continues to amaze us with all of its uses and applicable territories, and today
I will share my top 5 favorite recipes to make cannabis edibles, where it doesn’t really matter
if you use THC, CBD, HHC, CBC or CB9, to make delicious treats while having a bit of fun.
Firstly keep in mind that it is important to what kind of edible food/beverage you intend to
make and it is just as important to decide which cannabinoid you’ll be using because different
ingredients and different methods of making food can lead to different chemical changes in
the used canabinoids. This means that sometimes the effect of the same cannabinoid can be
different because it reacts differently based on certain ingredients that contain sugar and fats,
such as oil, also it is important how termically processed the edible is.
With that said let us dive into the recipe for edible brownies using cannabinoids:
1. First and foremost the most popular one of all is the cannabinoid brownie. Whether
you like that light buzz that CBD and CB9 edibles give you, or the heavy high you get
after eating THC, CBC, or HHC brownies, or if you simply enjoy the chocolate taste
then this one is for you.
The whole process takes about an hour and here are the needed ingredients:
- 185g of butter
- 185g of dark chocolate or just chocolate for cooking
- 85g of plain flouer
- 40g of cocoa powder
- 50g of white chocolate(optional-you can use any chocolate you want)
- 50g of milk chocolate(again optional)
- 3 large eggs
- 275g of golden caster sugar
The Process: First you will take the butter and melt it slowly either on the stove or in the
microwave, personally I prefer the stove because it melts it evenly and there is no option of it
erupting in the microwave. Then you will take the dark chocolate and break it into tiny pieces
and melt it the same way you did with butter. I prefer to melt butter and chocolate together as
it creates a better creamy texture, rather than mixing them together after they are both melted.
At this point, you will add the chosen cannabinoid into the melted mix and stir it well while
still heating the mixture so that the cannabinoid added gets mixed in well.
After the mix starts lightly boiling, you will turn off the heating and leave to cool down to
room temperature. The next step is to turn on the oven and pre-heat it to 180°C or 160°C if it
has a fan. Next, you will have to prepare the baking pan by cutting the baking paper and
folding it into the pan, and if you want you can add a bit of butter to the pan if there is no
baking paper lying around your house.
The next step is to take a medium-sized bowl put a sieve on top of the bowl and then tip the
flour and cocoa powder through the sieve to get rid of any lumps or uneven texture. When
that is done you can go ahead and chop up both of the chocolates into little chinks (white and
milk, if you have decided to use both, you could easily opt for a more healthy choice and put
in 100g of black chocolate). For this step, you can use a board or your hands if you are strong
enough to break it by hand.

Next, you will take another bowl, which has to be big enough to be able to mix in, and throw
in eggs and sugar and then mix it with an electric mixer. After 3-8min of mixing you should
be left with a thick creamy mix and it should not be runy.
After you get the described mix, take the bowl of cooled chocolate pour it over the eggy
mousse and gently mix it with a spatula or a whisk, but don’t knock out the air, as it will lose
the fluffiness. Then take the bowl with the chocolate flour mix and put the sieve over the
bowl containing the mousse and tip in the flour mix and again gently mix the contents with a
spatula or a whisk so as to not run the air out.
Finally, you can add the chunks of chocolate and mix it in carefully with the spatula. After
that, you can pour the mixture into the prepared pan and lightly tap the pan against the
counter to let the bubbles that may have been created out.
All that is left is to put the pan into the preheated oven and let it bake for 25 minutes. After
that time take the pan out and check if the brownie is sturdy or runny, if it is runny put the
pan back in the oven for another 5-10 minutes. Once it’s sturdy take it out and cover it with a
kitchen cloth until cooled and then uncover it and take out the brownie by lifting the baking
paper out of the pan and onto a serving plate, you can cut it into any shape you want, just
keep in mind the dose of the cannabinoid you used in the mix, so that one piece of brownie
does not contain too big of a dose for one person.
All that is left is to taste and enjoy.

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